Car Production Recovery Stifled By Supply Shortages

Car production recovery stifled by supply shortages

Post by Sarah

Global supply shortages caused by the pandemic are to blame for hampering the UK’s car manufacturing industry post-pandemic recovery, according to industry leaders.The Standard reports that car production increase dramatically in May, according to the lasted figures from the Society of Motor Man...

The 6 Most Common Reasons For MOT Failure

The 6 most common reasons for mot failure

Post by Sarah

It is the law in the UK for all cars over three years old to pass an annual MOT test, unless they are vintage vehicles manufactured before 1960. The MOT is designed to make sure the car is safe and roadworthy, and will not be prone to accident or breakdown. Many cars fail MOTs for simple and easily ...

MOT Pass Rates For Electric Cars Revealed

Mot pass rates for electric cars revealed

Post by Sarah

A study has looked into the reliability of electric vehicles (EVs) and revealed the Lexus NX and the Hyundai IONIQ as the cars that came out on top.Car finance provider Zuto analysed over 1.7 million MOT tests across a variety of different electric and hybrid car models and found that the Lexus ...

The Evolution Of The Car Bumper

The evolution of the car bumper

Post by Sarah

When it comes to car safety, few safety features are as important and consistently innovated and transformed as the car bumper. When you buy a bumper, you have two somewhat conflicting expectations that it is robust and yet will cushion at least some of the impact of an accident. It manages ...

What To Look For When Buying Used Car Parts

What to look for when buying used car parts

Post by Sarah

Everybody who drives or owns a vehicle knows that from time to time, parts will need replacing, whether through age, wear and tear, or accident. Most of the time, these problems are no fault of our own, but they need to be dealt with promptly to maintain the safety of the vehicle and other road ...

Huge Number Of Nearly New Cars ‘Would Fail MOTs’

Huge number of nearly new cars ‘would fail mots’

Post by Sarah

According to a recent study, an incredible 580,000 cars less than three years on UK roads would likely fail an MOT due to potentially dangerous faults.The Sun reports that an analysis of Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency data by MOT and service comparison website revealed that...

The Hidden Dangers Of Driving With Damaged Bumpers

The hidden dangers of driving with damaged bumpers

Post by Sarah

It may not be illegal to drive with a damaged bumper, or one patched up with duct tape, but it is still a very bad idea. Here are some reasons why professionally repairing or replacing a cracked or dented bumper is far more preferable to DIY measures. 1. The structural integrity of the bump...

6 Smart Reasons To Repair Car Damage Immediately

6 smart reasons to repair car damage immediately

Post by Sarah

If you have had a minor bump in your car, which isn’t worth bothering the insurers about, it can be tempting to put the matter to the back of your mind. After all, if the vehicle still gets you from A to B even it looks a bit of a mess, what does it matter? Here are some very good reasons to get...

The Safety Risks Of Bad Headlights

The safety risks of bad headlights

Post by Sarah

Having headlights in good working order is something every motorist should ensure they take care of, but it can be all too easy to miss a problem. We will all have seen it: A car driving along in the dark with one headlight not working and the driver either oblivious to it or at least pretending...

Driving Instructors Face Challenges as Tests Resume

Driving instructors face challenges as tests resume

Post by Sarah

With the pandemic holding back driving lessons and tests from taking place, there may have been far fewer reasons for anyone to buy a car bumper than usual. But all that has changed this week. The latest easing of lockdown restrictions has enabled driving lessons to resume and for learners ...


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