Having headlights in good working order is something every motorist should ensure they take care of, but it can be all too easy to miss a problem.

We will all have seen it: A car driving along in the dark with one headlight not working and the driver either oblivious to it or at least pretending they are.

Not having working headlights is not just a matter of aesthetics. It can cause you to fail your MOT and, above all, it is genuinely dangerous.

This is particularly true when there are more cyclists on the road than there used to be. New data produced by the Department of Transport revealed that in 2020, cyclists pedalled five billion vehicle miles, 45.7 per cent more than in 2019. This represented the highest level of cycling since the 1960s.

With motor vehicle use down, many people will have felt they were safer to get in the saddle, while for others it was a popular way of maximising the potential exercise available given the time and distance constraints of lockdown.

However, an increase in cycling doesn’t mean the roads are suddenly filled with people who are adept at riding a bike. Many will be returning to the saddle after leaving this form of transport behind in their childhood, while others will be new to it.

That means a lot of cyclists will lack road skills and others will not have considered the need for safety equipment like helmets and reflectors.

All this means the risk of a road accident may be higher, especially if your headlights are not working well and you fail to spot a rider out after dark with a lack of reflective gear.

Of course, road safety is a broad issue and bodies like the International Road Assessment Programme are carrying out research into ways of lowering risks for vulnerable road users.

However, you can do your bit by making sure your headlights work. They, and your bumper, are key pieces of equipment at the front of your car for helping you keep both yourself and other road users safe. 

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