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03 Nov Mercedes A Class: How Cheap is it to Maintain?
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The Mercedes premium means that parts, servicing, maintenance, and everything else remotely related to looking after a Merc usually cost more than som..
03 Nov BMW 118D Review: A Desirable Future Classic
lyndon 0 54
BMW shook up the family hatchback market in 2004 with the release of the 1 Series, replacing the ageing 3 Series Compact. This new rear-wheel drive ha..
03 Nov Is the Polo GTi a Future Classic?
lyndon 0 53
The Polo GTi hasn’t had the same easy journey into our hearts as the Golf GTi, but that slower journey gives it excellent potential as a future classi..
09 Oct Nissan History in the UK
lyndon 0 28
Nissan’s history in Britain began in 1969 when the Datsun brand was introduced, just as Nissan was phasing out the Datsun name globally. One of the fi..
09 Oct Hyundai History in the UK
lyndon 0 8
Hyundai cars arrived in the UK in 1982 when the South Korean automaker began exporting its Pony model to Britain. The affordable Pony hatchback quickl..
09 Oct Vauxhalls History in the UK
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Vauxhall's history begins in 1857, when Scottish marine engineer Alexander Wilson founded the company to build marine engines. In 1903, the company bu..
09 Oct Kia's History in the UK
lyndon 0 63
Kia's history in the UK began in 1991 when the South Korean manufacturer first imported cars to Britain. The first models sold were the Pride compact ..
09 Oct History of Toyota cars in the UK
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Toyota cars arrived in the UK for the first time in 1965 with the introduction of the Toyota Crown, Toyota's large family saloon. Initial sales were s..
11 Sep Fiat 500: Iconic & Stylish City Car
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The Fiat 500 is one of the most iconic and beloved city cars ever produced. This petite Italian hatchback has captivated British motorists for over 60..
11 Sep The Citroen Cactus: Beauty or Beast?
lyndon 0 70
The Citroen Cactus is a quirky and funky supermini crossover that made its debut in 2014. Citroen aimed to create a motor that stood out from the crow..
04 Sep Peugeot: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence
lyndon 0 59
IntroductionThe history of Peugeot, one of the world's oldest and most respected automobile manufacturers, is a remarkable journey of innovation, adap..
04 Sep The Mercedes A-Class: A History of Innovation and Transformation
lyndon 0 117
IntroductionThe Mercedes A-Class is a remarkable story of innovation, adaptation, and evolution within the automotive industry. Since its inception, t..
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