If you have had a minor bump in your car, which isn’t worth bothering the insurers about, it can be tempting to put the matter to the back of your mind. After all, if the vehicle still gets you from A to B even it looks a bit of a mess, what does it matter? Here are some very good reasons to get that damage repaired!


1. There may be hidden safety issues

Even if your car continues to drive and sound OK, it doesn’t mean it is roadworthy. Minor dents can sometimes conceal bigger structural damage, which could become worse over time. Flexible bumpers with plastic coatings may only end up with dints and scratches, but they are designed to absorb a lot of impact, so it’s best to get the vehicle checked out ASAP.


2. The vehicle will be more prone to rust

You may decide that you can live with a few scratches to the paintwork, but the appearance isn’t the only issue. Even small chips and cracks in the paint will allow water to seep into the metal bodywork. Over time, the metal will oxidise and rust will form. This will spread, weakening the overall structure of the vehicle.


3. The vehicle may fail its MOT

Damaged car parts such as bumpers and headlights can lead to a MOTfailure, which is time consuming and costly. Even if the problem is not severe enough to cause a fail, it may get worse over time. Chips and scratches can grow, leaving the paintwork and sealant peeling and flaking.

Driving with a cracked headlight can lead to incorrect angling, which poses a risk to you and other road users. You may fail to spot a hazard, such as a cyclist or pedestrian in dark clothing. Poorly angled headlights may also dazzle other drivers.


4. It is cheaper to put right immediately

Rather than let the damage spread, it is more cost effective to have even minor issues repaired straight away. Once rust moves beyond the surface paintwork, and starts to corrode the body of the car, you may need to replace entire parts or panels.


5. It will maintain the resale value

Should you wish to sell your vehicle in the future, it will be much easier and more profitable if it is in good condition. Even if the car runs perfectly and is in fine shape under the bonnet, most potential buyers will be suspicious about signs of unrepaired damage. After all, how do they know that you have looked after the essential features such as brakes?


 6. Peace of mind

Having your car looking its best will restore your pride in the vehicle, and can be important if you use it for business purposes, to make on good impression on clients.  Prompt repairs and replacement of damaged parts will also give the peace of mind that all is in good working order, and reduce the probability of neglected damage coming back to haunt you.



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